Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dear Sue,
I just viewed your newest patterns and, as always, they are absolutely lovely. I placed an order for my favorites and look forward to knitting them. I wanted to thank you for the freebies. You are very generous to share your talents. And I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the way you write your patterns. Sometimes I read a pattern and wonder "gee, what do they want me to do here?" But that is never the case with your instructions. Your patterns are always clear, well-written, easy to understand and precise. Thanks a bunch. I will order again when I am able! (Karen A)

You are now in my favorites!!!! (Amy H)

There is so much detail and care in your designs. Thanks (Janet N)

REALLY GREAT PATTERNS SUE!!! BEAUTIFUL and DAZZLING!!! Thanks for more beautiful creations! (Teresita V)

Oh, you know I will be one of your first customers to purchase what you design. They are just so gorgeous! You have a knack for color-coordinating, too, as well as choosing the right colors for certain patterns. See, I can now copy your colors, but would not have thought of those. Just gorgeous.
(Lin R)

Your designs just get better and better and today I just tried to get as caught up as I could! LOL There are a couple of more groupings I need to get, but I'll get there. I absolutely love sitting and knitting up your designs because I know they will be beautiful. Keep up all the great work! (Claudia)

Thanks again for being so creative, but if you don't stop you are going to break me........ I think you are creating more now than you ever did before, thought you were going to take a break for awhile. I have all your patterns in a 2 inch thick notebook and soon I will have to graduate to a 3 inch. But they are all so pretty, I can't stop myself from purchasing them. Thanks again for sharing your talent (Linda L)

I love your patterns so much! I can't tell you how often I use them. And I try to spread the word by telling folks about you and posting to my blog. thanks again!
keep 'em comin! (Cassady)

Thanks for going the extra mile for me--the gift certiicate is perfect! I do know she loves to knit dishcloths and I know she will appreciate a gift certificate for your patterns. Thank you again. (Susan)

I do love your patterns Keep it up :) Hugs (Kari-Ann)

You do beautiful designs. (L. A.)

I LOVE this set of cloths. know I love pretty much everything you do!! (Lisa D J)

I love your pattterns and know I will love doing them. I how you continue to do more...Thanks again...Have a wonderful day... (Jeannie S)

Thanks for the great patterns. (Jeanette H)

I just love all your patterns and just ordered your latest. (Deb P)

Thank you so much for the beautiful patterns. I just love all of them. You are so talented. Hugs (Anita)

I love your new cloths, you do such great work. (Patty B)

I can never have enough great things to say about your patterns, I just love them and you are such a sweetheart! (Nicole C)


Thank you so much for those patterns. They are EXQUISITE and just like what I'd like to knit right now!!! (Phyllis M)

Thanks so much for the beautiful patterns. I will make every one of them! (Elaine)

thank you so much for the beautiful designs. (Janet B)

Hey, great new patterns! (Sherri)

Thanks, Sue. You have such wonderful patterns! (Ellen L)

I want to make a bunch for the holidays and fell in love with so many of your patterns. I'll be busy =) (Kelli B)

I LOVE your patterns and can never get enough. (Debra M)

I love your patterns (Bonnie M)

Thank you so very much Sue. Wonderful patterns and so generous of you. (Lin)

Hi Sue.
Your killing me, lol. I dont know how you do it, beautiful designs. (Shelley)
Thank you so much for the beautiful new patterns! I love the new designs. (Elaine)
I love your patterns. (Shelia)

Sue, Thank you so much for the great patterns. I just
love them. (Cheryl F)